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MG Basketball Camps
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We are excited to partner with you on your journey to become a complete basketball player.


   Membership Benefits include:

   * MGBasketball Gear

   * Online Skill Development Training Program

   * Exclusive Discounts to all MGBasketball Events




Athlete Features

- Weekly Workouts and Challenges will be sent directly to your phone and email

- Each drill includes a video explanation and coaching points

- Use your smartphone to log the results of your workout in live time

- Earn points for every drill that your complete

- Compete with each other and see where you land on the MGBasketball Leaderboard for specific drills

- Receive text messages and emails from MGBasketball Instruction throughout the year

- Full access to a video library of drills and exercises on your own that will help you perform better     

Parent Features:

 - View your athlete’s workouts and the activity as they complete assigned workouts and challenges     

 - Receive all emails and text messages from MGBasketball to understand and stay up to date on your athlete’s workouts and progress


QUESTIONS CONTACT: Matt Garnett at 806-685-8132 or